About Us

What is Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ is a proven model that networks local churches, church volunteers, local businesses, and community organizations together to help people in need. Through Love INC, churches and individual Christians are mobilized to work together, across denominational lines, to provide coordinated help to struggling neighbors. Our ultimate goal is to enable our family of clients to develop in dignity, education, economic empowerment, and Christ-centered transformation.

Love INC of Broward is one of over 135 Love INC affiliates in 30 states, helping over 1 million people in need each year through more than 9,000 churches, 6,000 community agencies, and 300,000 volunteers.

How Does Love INC Work?

The heart of Love INC is the Clearinghouse, where volunteers receive requests, assess needs, and refer requests to a local church ministry, church volunteer, or community agency. Love INC will then follow up to ensure the need was met, and to offer spiritual support. Engaging in this type of mentoring relationship is the key to the Love INC model’s success. Through the Clearinghouse, Love INC also identifies gaps in services and resources in the community and helps churches develop ministries to fill those gaps.

Why Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ enables churches in a community to coordinate their resources and services so that those in need are helped effectively and efficiently. As churches join together to show Christ’s love to their neighbors, communities see exciting results:

  • People in Need receive coordinated help through a network of church and community services and resources.

  • Local Churches no longer work alone to meet the needs that come through their doors, but as the Body of Christ (across denominational lines) to fulfill their Biblical mandate to serve neighbors in need.

  • Church Members are given the opportunity to use their unique gifts and talents in specific, manageable ways to serve others.

  • Community Agencies can expand “their” services by referring people in need to Love INC or by receiving referrals from Love INC.


For people in need and Christians who want to help them, Love INC is an answer to prayer.