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When you need help, reach out to our Connect Center

Overview: Although there is a time and place for providing relief assistance (for example, in crisis and disaster relief situations), a Love INC affiliate is not an emergency response, crisis intervention or disaster relief ministry. An affiliate’s primary focus is helping churches transform people’s lives (physically and spiritually). It seeks to work with people in
need to strengthen the assets they have and develop new ones. For people stuck in hopelessness and dysfunction, this approach empowers them to break the cycle of dependency. We call this Redemptive Compassion. As a result, direct financial aid to clients (with little or no relationship) is not a significant component of an affiliate’s ministry.

Connect Center: An affiliate’s foundational ministry is the Connect Center, where requests for assistance are received, assessed, referred to the most appropriate resource, and followed up on. We recruit and train church volunteers to help us in the Connect Center. The Connect Center is central to how a Love INC affiliate functions. It is the fundamental ministry that touches and coordinates all other ministries.

The Love INC of Broward Connect Center is the heartbeat of the Love INC Ministry. We accept referrals from anyone residing in Broward County wishing to explore the possibility of strengthening the different areas of their lives such as spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial/physical.


Once we have received the request we will schedule a phone interview with you. After you’re your references have been verified, and the intake completed, we will talk with you about matching your needs with resources from Love INC of Broward, our partner churches, and the community. The relationship we have with each person is confidential, based on the
person vs. need and will feel different by design from other agencies or ministries.

If you would like to speak to us about Love INC and how we might assist you, please fill out the following: