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Love INC Newsletter • March 2022 • Edition 3


How do we reach someone for Christ who does not recognize their need? I just got a stark picture of this. I believe the Lord connected me with someone in the community who is not a Christ-follower. I wanted to be friends with her and show her the love of Christ. The issue became obvious. She has no perceived “need” for anything. She is financially secure, has some relational capital in her life, and is highly educated and intelligent. She doesn’t perceive that I have anything of value to offer her. I am continuing to pray for her.

How is that different from the people who call Love INC? They are generally in need in multiple areas of their lives: spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial. They have great need and they recognize some of them. What can WE, as the Body of Christ offer them? Everything. A relationship with Christ and His Body. As they learn to seek first the Kingdom of God, all other things begin to make sense and fall into place.

The Roman Centurion found in Luke 7:1-10 knew what his need was and knew the One who could help. May it be that the Lord shows every person we come in contact with what their need is and Who the answer is. It is the Lord.

Rejoice – We are building strong. We celebrated our One-Year Anniversary!!  Our plan this year is to concentrate on church and community connection. God has exploded connections this year!

Our Mission – To mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.

Our Vision – We want to establish a Love INC presence throughout Broward County, partnering with churches, people, and resources, helping people find the abundant life of Christ He promised.

This is what Love INC is created to do. We help churches help people in need in life-transforming ways. We are a “transformational” ministry VS a “transactional” ministry. Thank you for praying for us, supporting us, volunteering with us, serving with us. “WE” are the Church and it’s wonderful to show the love of Christ to others together. Without His Body, we do not exist.

In His service,

Freddi Woodford

Three Love Stories

Story #1: “Lisa”- She came to us broken physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She was wrought with anxiety and fear. She had a relationship with God, but He was not allowed to be active in her day-to-day life. She has gone from being a fear-wracked, jobless, and ineffective member of the Kingdom, to walking in faith more and more each day. She starts a job in a few days and is learning she is no longer a victim in the battle for her soul and well-being. Her intense gift of mercy is being refined so that it no longer ruins her but will be the life of her and the others the Lord is beginning to send to her. She is not “there” yet, but are we ever? She is on her way.

Story #2: “Marcia”- “Marcia” called us, and we have begun a relationship with her. She has a seizure disorder brought on by terrible physical and emotional abuse because of many years in a dysfunctional marriage. We have begun mentoring her weekly, helping her to trust God in all areas of her life, which includes extensive needs in caregiving and driving until the Lord heals her. She fully believes He can do it.

Story #3: “Sarah”- “Sarah” has severe marital issues and is expecting a baby very soon. Love INC is mentoring her weekly. Although she came asking for marital counseling, it is evident that her husband will not attend at this time. Our goal is to help her through this very challenging time in her life and to lead her into being the godly wife and mother God created her to be. One of the important things we want to do with each client is connect them to a “Titus 2” mentor when possible. Someone who is an older, mature godly person to befriend them outside of Love INC, directly connecting them to the Body of Christ. “Sarah” was very excited to hear God found her such a woman (she initially readily agreed to this idea) and they have connected and begun building a relationship together.

Thank you to our partner church for being the hands and feet of Christ!

The Connect Center – the Heart of Love INC

Our Connect Center is strong and established. We have an amazing Connect Center Coordinator, Trish Turner, and now have 3 different shifts where volunteers from your churches meet together remotely to mentor and guide our clients.

The vision for the Connect Center is to have shifts all week and many evenings, assisting our clients. This means we need multiple volunteers to cover these shifts, all coming from the Body of Christ. We train each person God directs to us.

For those new to Love INC, the Connect Center is the hub and heart of Love INC. Would you like to become a Connect Center Intake Volunteer or Connect Center Coach? You will be trained in these rewarding and vital positions.


Love INC 101

Do you want to know more about Love INC? Have you attended one of our Love 101 virtual meetings? Who do you know that might be interested in learning more about Love INC? Anyone may attend our twice-monthly Love INC 101’s. They are always the second Tuesday evening of the month from 6:55- 7:30 pm and the second Wednesday afternoon of the month from 11:55 am-12:30 pm. This is the link to use: https://v.ringcentral.com/join/698378536

Feel free to join us and become a Vision Castor of Love INC and bring a friend!

Redemptive Compassion Classes – Unfamiliar with what Redemptive Compassion is? Check out this free 2 ½ hour Introductory Course at: https://www.loveinc.org/redemptivecompassion/

Love INC is called to engage local churches in Redemptive Compassion®, which goes beyond traditional giving to engage both the giver and the recipient in the process of discovering solutions to life’s challenges. Redemptive Compassion® partners with people to empower them to take part in overcoming the roadblocks in their lives. We believe the Church is the perfect catalyst to change how needs are addressed. Contact us to find out more.

Love INC would love to help you and your church go deeper into what God might mean about Redemptive Compassion. We will facilitate 8-week discussions with you, your small group, or your Sunday School class. Contact us for more information!

Volunteer Orientation:

Would you like to learn more about the different ways you can volunteer with Love INC?

Contact Freddi at 954-727-3231 or freddi@loveincbroward.org for Love INC 101, Redemptive Compassion registration, or more information about our volunteer opportunities.


  • Prayer Support
  • Five warm introductions to new member churches
  • Volunteer Support – Connect Center Intake Volunteers and Coaches, Volunteer Office Assistant, Grant Writer
  • Titus 2 Men and Women to mentor our clients in churches
  • Budget Mentoring, Parenting, Boundaries Classes, Bible Studies open to new students
  • $25 Gift Cards to be given to our clients once they have completed the steps of our involved intake process. This shows love and encouragement.
  • Bus Passes
  • Business Partners – Car mechanics, Christian counselors, Employment Coaches/Resumes
  • Personal Care Pantry – a small space donated along with personal care items for clients, operated by a church
  • Ten Love INC Ambassadors, helping to invite others to our Love INC 101
  • Helping to fund the mission and vision of Love INC of Broward
Contact Freddi at 954-727-3231 or freddi@loveincbroward.org if you would like to discuss our Wish List.



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